First Few Days on Grad School

I enrolled only as a part time student in the university but the workload is still pretty overwhelming. Prolly because I came from a very different background in my undergraduate. For instance, I have to learn or at least skim thru the discrete mathematics as a prerequisite for my Algorithms class. Forgot to mention but for the first 2 sems, I will need to take supplementary/prerequisite undergraduate subjects before proceeding to graduate courses. As such, I'm currently taking a class on Automata Theory and Algorithm Analysis. In the automata class, our professor provided us with handouts that we need to follow on for the duration of the course, it is a subtitute for doing the Zoom classes. I actually find this form of learning more effective. The professor provided us with notes he wrote on his own that is really coherent in conveying the concepts that we'll need to learn, at least for the first handouts.

In my algorithms class meanwhile, my professor provided us with video links on where to learn the course materials. I'm still unsure whether this will be the medium of instruction for the whole duration of our class - I hope not. Right now, we're on Week 0 and it should be a review on Discrete Mathematics. Take note that is is a review. However, I didnt have a Discrete Mathematics class in my undergraduate so this is my first time of (formally) learning it. I say formally because I have been learning it in bits, it seems, from the various computer science and data science online courses I've took online.

Well, I am really just writing this blog or I say a diary entry because I dont have enough knowledge/ time to learn and produce a content about technical stuffs. I've actually learn a few new stuffs about JavaScript from the online course on React I just started on udemy but those new concepts are still not coherent in my understanding.

This is technically my first tech blog and I think I'll do this more often instead of just waiting in blank for the time where I can write tech posts.

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